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paint collective!

hey guys!
I just send some works to this paint collective, it's so cool and it will be not just and on-line gallery, also a physical one :)

Enter here:

The site is on spanish, cause the collective is made here in mexico :) but i'll translate the steps and terms to submit your work if you want:

• The collective is called "Paint it 2006", a expo with visual proposals made with the MS Paint program.
• You can send your work until december 31th.
• Everyone can participate.
• You can't use anything but the Paint program, you can't use photographs or pre-designed images (clip-art), don't import images, so NO photoshop, ilustrator, corel, freehand, etc... Just Paint.
• You can send any idea, the theme is up to you; you can use text (or just text), you can send as much works as you want (including series), the proposals may be singles or collectives.
• You must send your work in the .BMP format, with the default width/height settings of 512x384 pixels (to know this, press CTRL + U)
• You must send your work to the next email address: paint(a) (adding your name, where do you live, name of the work and website if you have one)
• The submited works will be on the on-line gallery since January 15th 2006. (the physical expo to be confirmed)

That's all the rules you need to know :)
Join, join! sorry if the english was too bad, heh.

And sorry if this isn't ok for this community... admins may delete this entry...
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